New WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN teaser cover

This one by Nick Bradshaw, who's drawing the book's second arc. It features some of the same characters that are on Bachalo's cover, plus at least two that aren't. And those two will probably prove to be the most unexpected members of the cast. That's all I can say for now.


Unknown at: 11:55 PM said...

Is that officially Wolverine's new look, with the utility belt, bootlaces, and shorn-down cowl? Awesome, if so.

MiCROjOY at: 1:52 PM said...

just read wolverine 13 and all the wolverines before that and i love it all! can't wait for this! keep up the great work! p.s. scalped is so good and i've probably read most of everything you've wrote. i used to read comics when i was younger, mostly wolvy, you've gotten me back into it big time... i'm 35 now. thanks dude! -craig

jon at: 12:32 AM said...

I hope we get to see regular appearances by some of the new avengers characters on this book. They are like a family you know, they should help Logan, because he is stepping into some new territory as the leader of the x-men.

btw, love your wolverine book.

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