Here's the official version of the trailer for INCREDIBLE HULK #1.


Anonymous at: 2:07 PM said...

cool stuff. did you write that copy? shoulda been you narrating

Anonymous at: 10:28 PM said...

Congratulations on the good news. I now find myself geeking out and really wanting to see two 1st appearance cameos in your books now.

1) Marc Silvestri’s collaborator Mike Patton in an issue of the Hulk. Any era Mike Patton. Bonus No-prize points if you can kill him off in some grotesque manner.

2) Frank Chu in an issue of X-Men & Wolverine or Wolverine. Preferably the “12 Galaxies Impeach Clinton” era Frank Chu

Looking forward to see what kind of mark you’re going to leave on all those books.

King Hulk Marco at: 11:41 AM said...


This definitely looks like it will be one hell of a rush!

Mr Aaron, will you & Mr Parker play any part in the new Hulk cartoon that is due out in 2012?

See link provided :-

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