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From Millarworld:
Question: Is SCALPED going to be like other ongoing Vertigo series in terms of length (about 50-75 issues long)?

My answer: I sure hope so. As of right now, I have the series mapped out to around issue #30, when the shit really hits the fan. In those first thirty issues, we'll meet tribal cops, meth addicts, greedy officials from the BIA, practitioners of Jeet Kune Do, the Dawg Soldierz, the Burn Victims, an FBI agent named after Warren Oates' father, a two time Soldier of Fortune Combat Knife Champion, a brutal Hmong street gang, a Heyoka who talks to his horse and the sheriff who presides over the largest drunk tank in the United States.

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My page on MySpace has a couple of slideshows with preview art from both THE OTHER SIDE and SCALPED.

THE OTHER SIDE has its own MySpace page, where you can make yourself eligible for all sorts of cool prizes (including original art) just by adding THE OTHER SIDE to your Top Friends.

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Check out all sorts of character sketches and preview pages from my books, as well as the occasional photo.

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Around Comics Podcast Episode 59


Christopher Neseman and the guys over at Around Comics were kind enough to have me on their podcast to talk about THE OTHER SIDE and SCALPED. And they even let me use naughty words.


Preview of SCALPED #1 in DMZ this week

If you're not already reading Brian Wood's excellent series DMZ (and you damn well should be), now you have extra incentive to pick it up. This week's issue, DMZ #14, features an 8 page preview of SCALPED #1.

In case you haven't heard, SCALPED is a Native American crime drama set on a modern day Indian reservation. Issue #1, shipping January 3, 2007, is the first of a three part storyline called "Indian Country" that introduces readers to angry, young drifter turned tribal cop, Dash Bad Horse, and to aging, Red Power activist turned rez crime boss, Lincoln Red Crow. There'll be action aplenty, along with sex, meth, Kung Fu and a couple of murder mysteries.

I just finished writing issue #7 ("Down on the Killin' Floor") and artist R.M. Guéra just finished drawing #6 ("The Man Who Fights the Bull"), and we're only falling more and more in love with these characters. We can't wait for you to meet them.

Season's Greetings from THE OTHER SIDE


Art by Cameron Stewart

SCALPED #3 Solicitation Copy


SCALPED #3, originally uploaded by Jason Aaron.

Written by Jason Aaron; Art by R.M. Guera; Cover by Jock

"Indian Country," part 3 of 3. After a harrowing shoot-out with the notorious "Burn Victims," Dash Bad Horse goes looking for answers and quickly finds them during a "gentlemanly conversation" with Chief Red Crow. Meanwhile, Red Crow's daughter, Carol, has her sights set on Dash, and she's not the type of girl who hears "no" very often.

Vertigo 32pg. Color $2.99 US Mature Readers

On Sale March 7, 2007



THE OTHER SIDE #3, originally uploaded by Jason Aaron.

A sweet little story entitled "Hell Sucks." Just look for the gorgeous cover by Cameron Stewart.

You can also download a desktop background of this image from DC Comics.

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