I turned 38 years old today

My beard turned 57.
Illustration courtesy of PunisherMAX editor Sebastian Girner

this is where the magic happens


my office, originally uploaded by Jason Aaron.
This week's edition of my CBR column is about my workspace and that of some of my friends and how important it is to our productivity. Or lack thereof.

Sounds in My Head

R.I.P. Charlie Louvin, last of the golden-throated Louvin Brothers. ♫

How I Spent My Weekend

Cheered the Steelers to victory and went sledding with the kid. Good weekend. Now: writing WOLVERINE. Making notes for New Big Secret Project. Preparing for the upcoming Marvel summit. Buying new hats.

Daniel Acuna draws pretty

Pages from WOLVERINE #6 drawn by Daniel Acuna. This is the first installment in the three-part "Wolverine vs. The X-Men" storyline which features loads of guest stars, all trying to either kill Wolverine or somehow save him. Mostly ust kill him. It also takes a very literal look into the darkest (and sometimes sexiest and sometimes strangest) corners of Logan's mind. Look for it February 16 wherever it is you might go to look for such things.

Things On Which to Click

Preview of PunisherMAX #10 over at CBR. See, I told you, it really does exist.

Newest edition of my CBR column, WHERE THE HELL AM I. Sticking with my recent theme, this week it's titled "Go Fuck Yourself, William Shakespeare." No actually it's called "Juggling Babies" and it's about balancing a comic career with being a dad. So there's, you know, not as much cursing as last time.

GODS HATES ASTRONAUTS. I have nothing to do with this one. It's just great comics.

The Bamboo Bloodbath


The Bamboo Bloodbath, originally uploaded by Jason Aaron.

Talked to students yesterday at Missouri State and came home with this. Good day.

New Tattoo phase 2


new tattoo part 2, originally uploaded by Jason Aaron.
Badmouthing Alan Moore wasn't the only thing I did yesterday. I also did this. Or actually, tattoo artist Jessie Hopeless did it. I just sat and watched. And winced a lot.

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