WOLVERINE #65 out this week

It's the last part of the GET MYSTIQUE arc, a storyline I'm sad to see end. I had a lot of fun with this story and loved working with Ron Garney, who really knocked it out of the park on this whole arc.

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What's your favorite curse word?

The Fixing Comics Thread

The Official Standard Attrition Photo Thread

The Five Greatest Things Ever Put On This Earth

Dubious Films You Love Anyway?

Anatomy of a Panel: SCALPED

If you're into the process of making comics, you should find this interview interesting. Artist RM Guera, editor Will Dennis, colorist Lee Loughridge and myself are all interviewed about one specific scene from SCALPED. Sort of like the Anatomy of a Scene shorts they do on IFC. Check it out.

Anatomy of a Panel

Matt Fraction wants to eat my brain

“I think there’s a good-natured spirit of camaraderie and competition,” Fraction said of the looming showdown. “I want to cleave Jason Aaron’s skull open and eat his brains.”

From a nice article on Fraction and the Kansas City comic scene, from today's KC Star:


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