Matt Fraction wants to eat my brain

“I think there’s a good-natured spirit of camaraderie and competition,” Fraction said of the looming showdown. “I want to cleave Jason Aaron’s skull open and eat his brains.”

From a nice article on Fraction and the Kansas City comic scene, from today's KC Star:


Anonymous at: 11:42 PM said...

Do you ever mix up the words "camaraderie" and 'cannibalism'? Because I do ALL THE TIME.

Jason Aaron at: 11:45 PM said...

At least it's in print on the front page of a major newspaper, for whenever I "mysteriously" turn up dead. I ain't gonna be no cold case file.

Tony at: 6:16 PM said...

Hey man, just read the article on Sunday. I like the "Kansas City Mafia" angle . . . I wanted to do a compilation all of your blogs with links. This looks like a good start.

Jason Aaron at: 12:00 AM said...

Hey, Tony. Yeah, pretty much all of the KC comic creators have a web presence of some sort. Should be easy to fill up your list of links. Thanks.

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