THE MIGHTY THOR #700, cover by Russell Dauterman and Matt Wilson.

It's an oversized celebration of all things Thor. 55 years in the making. 

Thor vs. Hulk! Odinson stands alone! War Thor rages! The dark future of King Thor gets even darker! Young Thor drinks mead! Mangog!

It's gonna be god-sized and oh so pretty. The amazing pantheon of artists lined up for this one includes Russell Dauterman, Walt Simonson (!!!), Olivier Coipel, Chris Burnham, James Harren and even more.

Coming in October.

See you in Lucca

Just officially added to my schedule for the year. What will likely be my last convention appearance of 2017. I'll be attending the Lucca Comics and Games festival in Italy, November 1-5. Courtesy of Panini, my Italian publisher. Come say ciao.

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