new hat


new hat, originally uploaded by Jason Aaron.
Happy New Year, all. Know that 2011 will be the year I wear this hat non-stop.

A Blesbok Birthday


A Blesbok Birthday, originally uploaded by Jason Aaron.

Today is my lovely wife's birthday. To show her I care, I of course bought her the head of a dead animal.
-- Sent from my Droid with K-9 Mail.

Talkin' Dead Dog Rape-O Blues


So apparently a VERTIGO RESURRECTED special came out today that collects the previously-uncollected issues of HELLBLAZER I wrote a few years ago, along with some other old issues written by some guy named Garth Ennis. Wonder whatever happened to him? Anyway, my issues are drawn by Sean Murphy, recently of JOE THE BARBARIAN fame, and if you're the kind of reader who fancies a bit of dead dog intercourse in your comics, boy are you in luck.

There's also some stuff about punk rock too, if I remember correctly.

The coming of... THE MONGRELS!


The Mongrels, originally uploaded by Jason Aaron.
WOLVERINE #4 is out this week. The back-up (drawn by British wunderkind and sadomasochism aficionado Jamie McKelvie) features our first extended look at new villains The Mongrels (original character designs by Renado Guedes seen here). The Mongrels first appeared briefly in WOLVERINE #1, but in the coming months they'll play the proverbial BIG BIG role in Wolvie's life. Assuming, you know, Wolvie survives being in hell and all.

Did I mention they feature a guy named Cannonfoot? 'Cause they kinda do.

one of my devils


devil head ashtray, originally uploaded by Jason Aaron.
I don't smoke, but I do like things that look like the devil. My wife bought this for me recently in an online auction. We didn't really realize how small it was until it actually showed up. The mouth is only big enough for one cigarette. And then the smoke is supposed to come out the top of his head. Next time someone who smokes comes over, we'll have to give it a try. In other words, we'll face-rape the devil and force him to deepthroat a giant lit cigarette. I'm sure he'd have it no other way.

Jason + Jason + Wolverine = Oh hell, not again


Black Stabbath-01, originally uploaded by jaslatour.
Hillbilly bon vivant Jason Latour, who drew the Silver Samurai back-up in WOLVERINE #1 as well as the most recent issue of SCALPED, is now drawing the back-up for WOLVERINE #5, the final chapter in the story of "Wolverine Goes to Hell." It's a fiery little tale that shows how poor ole' Logan got sent to Hell in the first place. So fire up the Sabbath and get your metal hands ready.


My name is Jason Aaron and I write comic books for a living. 

At present I am writing SCALPED for DC/Vertigo and WOLVERINE, ASTONISHING SPIDER-MAN & WOLVERINE, PUNISHERMAX and ULTIMATE COMICS CAPTAIN AMERICA, along with a couple things I can't talk about yet, all for Marvel.

I am one of Marvel's Architects, so please, from here on out, refer to me only as The Master Builder.

I also write a column for Comic Book Resources titled WHERE THE HELL AM I. New ones debut every Wednesday. Except, you know, when they don't.

If you should need to send me anything for whatever reason, my mailing address is:
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My email is jason at

My favorite Bruce Lee movie is THE WAY OF THE DRAGON.

New Tattoo

Phase One of my new octopus, courtesy of the amazing Jessie Hopeless. And before anyone asks, yes, I know there are only seven tentacles. We didn't have time last night to fill in the last one.

Something is trying to escape from under my sleeve...

Axel Alonso on the return of PUNISHERMAX

"PunisherMAX" resumes in February 2011, with Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon back in full swing. The series has been on hiatus because Steve had a personal crisis to deal with that, along with his work on "Ultimate Avengers," proved to be too much even for the superhumanly prolific Steve Dillon – and we decided it was worth waiting for him. The team's chemistry is too special and "PunisherMAX" is too important a book to our line – we couldn't abide the thought of a fill-in artist. So this February it will be coming back strong. It's unfortunate we had to take that break, but judging from the amount of people out there pining for its return, we're optimistic it will come back strong and ship monthly.

From CBR


PunisherMAX #10

And hey! Look what's in the solicits for February! It's PUNISHERMAX #10! That's right, we're back!

Sorry for the all the delays, but now we're back to going full speed ahead!

Where I'll Be in April 2011


Never been to the show before, so I'm excited. I'm still finalizing the full extent of my con schedule for next year. I want to mix it up a bit, instead of just doing the same shows year after year. If you've got a great local show you'd like me to visit, let me know in the comments. And maybe I'll see ya there.

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