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What I'll Be Writing in 2009

By my count, I had 36 comics published in 2008, plus a couple of short stories. All told I got to write a lot of different characters: Ghost Rider, Wolverine, John Constantine, Black Panther, The Penguin, American Eagle and the Punisher, in addition to the denizens of the Prairie Rose rez in SCALPED, of course.

In 2009, I should have at least as many comics out, if not more, but I won't be doing as many short stints on different titles. Instead I'll be focusing on a handful of ongoing series, as follows:

SCALPED -- 2009 will be taken up almost entirely by two big arcs. "High Lonesome" starts in January's #25 and lasts five issues, though it's really more a collection of stand-alone issues than it it a cohesive arc. After that, we begin a pivotal arc entitled "The Gnawing." As I've said before, this is when the shit really hits the fan. This is what we've been building toward in these first two years, and this arc also sets the stage for everything to follow.

GHOST RIDER -- I should have 11 more issues of GHOST RIDER out in 2009 to wrap up my run, and I think they'll be my best issues yet on the title. In particular I'm excited about the issues my buddy Tony Moore is drawing, starting with #33 in March.

WOLVERINE: WEAPON X -- This new ongoing kicks off in April, and I'm hoping to have a very long run on this. This will be me getting to tell ever story I've ever wanted to tell with Wolverine.

OTHER MARVEL ONGOING -- Later in 2009 I'll also be starting a run on an undisclosed Marvel series. All I'll say is that it's a dream project of mine in every way, from the series itself to the artist I'm getting to work with to the villains they're letting me use. Can't wait.

ASSORTED ONE-SHOTS AND SUCH -- I'll probably also have a few one-shots out here and there. I've been working on one and may already have another lined up. Work also continues on a graphic novel I've been doing for Oni. You probably won't see that in 2009 though.

All in all, it sounds like enough to keep me busy. Speaking of which, I gotta get back to work now.

Happy New Year, everybody.

My New Gig

WOLVERINE: WEAPON X. A new ongoing series with art by Ron Garney. This is my biggest assignment yet for Marvel, and I plan on making the most of it. Look for me to stick around on this one for a nice long run.

Here's my interview with Newsarama.

And editor John Barber's interview at

The Oregonian on SCALPED

There may be better comic books on your shelf each week, but there is no better graphic novel, unfolding in monthly installments, than Jason Aaron's Scalped.

I understand the aversion to the term "graphic novel," the suspicion that comics fans are trying a little too hard to label the sequential storytelling that has overflowed its normal boundaries. But Aaron has approached the first 23 issues of Scalped with the novelist's sensibility, slowly developing a storyline -- and a cast of characters Cormac McCarthy would love -- which requires that readers used to the immediate and insipid gratifications of mainstream titles recognize they are in it for the long haul.

Full text here

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