Hulk Much Smash

New INCREDIBLE HULK #1 variant cover by Ladronn. Maybe as close as I'll ever come to working with Ladroon, who's worked I've loved since CABLE back in the day. If so, I'll take it.

Today's a Hulk day for me. I'm working on the biggest fight scene of my career. Much smashing. Also building onto my master outline, working on my extended plans. First year looks to be shaping up nicely. There are new characters, a crazy new dynamic for Hulk and Banner and ultimately a big connection to one of the Marvel U's premiere villains.

Now back to the regularly scheduled smashing.

This October, Incredible Hulk #1 smashes into stores courtesy of Marvel Architect Jason Aaron & legendary artist Marc Silvestri, featuring all-new variant by acclaimed artist Ladronn (Planet Hulk)! Prepare for an Earth-shaking brawl for the ages that no fan of the Marvel Universe can miss—Banner vs Hulk!

Can’t wait to see what Aaron and Silvestri have planned for the Jade Giant? Join the conversation on Twitter with #HULK!
Written by JASON AARON
Variant Cover by LADRONN


Bill Evans at: 1:27 PM said...

So pumped for this!

King Hulk Marco at: 8:54 AM said...

Hi Jason,

All I can say is congratulations on getting the Hulk writing gig.

I know you have a plan (of sorts) to work closely with Jeff Parker in creating a cohesive in-house Hulk Universe and I applaud you for that.

Ignore certain persons who will ask you to remove or depower certain supporting Hulk cast members. Instead,use them in a way to enhance your stories.

Good luck for the future!

Kindest regards!

KIng Hulk Marco

T. R. at: 3:44 AM said...

Or "ignore" what he said :)

Can't wait regardless!

Bosch Fawstin at: 3:03 PM said...

I haven't bought the Hulk in a while, really looking forward to what you do with him.

Unknown at: 11:02 AM said...

Will we get a letters page? We haven't had one in years. I think letters pages adds something to books...a sense of community. Regardless, I'm super excited that you're writing Hulk. It's a great time to be a Hulk fan. It just sucks I have to wait another month for the first issue.

King Hulk Marco at: 7:29 PM said...

This ccmment is for Murdock204,

I wanted to let you know that I posted my previous comments before I saw the comments you had made elsewhere on this site.

I was not disrespecting you. This is what happens when people jump to conclusions.

My comments have nothing to do with you at all.

Just to fill you in, I see some friends from my LCS every couple of weeks. We have a meal and a couple of drinks. We discuss what we like and dislike in comics that we have recently read.

One of the character's we all enjoy is the Hulk. One of the guys in our group is very old school. He is not very keen on change. He was upset when Marvel started the Brand New Day storyline and wasn't keen on Norman Osborn being made into Marvel's answer to Lex Luther.

Point is, he took part in a Q & A session a while back with Marvel's own EiC Joey Q. In it, he basically wanted things to be returned to how it was back in the day :-

One Hulk and One She-Hulk. Banner being hunted by Ross and the military etc, etc.

I asked why he didn't like Rick finally getting the chance of a being a hero in his own right. For years Rick was one of Marvel's top Super-Hero Support (sidekick). From helping Bruce, he's helped Cap, ROM and both Captain Mar-Vell's to name afew. He couldn't give me a straight answer why he didn't like it.

Betty finally becoming a strong character in her own right. No longer being Bruce's on-off girlfriend/wife. I asked what he really wanted for the character. Again, not much of an answer.

I get the impression that people as a whole don't like change because they remember what they had as a child when they first stsrted reading comics. The remember through rose-tinted glasses.

Understandably, they want to hold on to that.

I feel that character's (like people) need to grow as it makes for more interesting storytelling.

These are my reasons for making the comments I have made. I hope you can understand.

NOTE - I Treat people with dignity and respect and I expect to treated in the same way.

If you wish to discuss this with me further, I am more than happy to do so.

Kindest regards!

King Hulk Marco

King Hulk Marco at: 7:35 PM said...

Hi Jason,

Just wanted to say that I support the idea of a letter's page for the new title.

Take it easy!

Kalash at: 12:52 PM said...

hi there jason, i dont know if you really read this but anway, just wanted to ask you if there ever will be a wolverine omnibus by jason vol 2 which includes i dunno the whole vol 4 of wolverine.... any thing you could tell me??? :D

Jason Aaron at: 8:22 PM said...

Don't know for sure about the Wolvie Omnibus, but yes, I would assume that there will eventually be a vol. 2.

T. R. at: 5:13 AM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
T. R. at: 5:18 AM said...

Hey Jason, I've been thinking about this for a couple years and I wanted to know if this has ever been discussed around the office or with anybody. Don't know if you can comment or not.

But, has there ever been any talk of having a Grey Hulk (Fixit) Max Series? Possibly set in the days when he was in Vegas? I think there could be alot of good stuff in there to exploit as a Max comic. Or is the Hulk too mainstream to do anything that edgy to?

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