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Every time the World Cup roles around, I sit and watch some games and try to foster an appreciation for soccer.  I have so far been unsuccessful.  I guess I might as well face the facts.  No soccer "tackle" will ever give me anywhere near the violence-boner that seeing a middle linebacker level a running back does.  There it is.


RM Guéra at: 1:06 AM said...

haha, that was an honest one.
Just don't try, that's all. It is THAN it'll work & it needs to build. Time & fuck all the hip.

Important thing is not to watch golf. Now THAT'S what is (damned) not a sport (Formula 1 also, while we're at it...)(I tried, I really tried, but...)

Jason Aaron at: 9:56 AM said...

The day I start watching golf is the day you have permission to kill me, G.

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