SCALPED #10 out this week

And over at iFanboy, Josh offers an apology:

Oh Jason Aaron, I'm sorry we got off to a bad start. I said it on the video show, and I'm saying it here. Jason Aaron... are we OK? You know, are we cool? Because I want to be cool with me. I didn't mean what I said, and it's out there on the internet now, and I can't take it back, because that's how the internet works. You make a mistake, and it lays out there forever, waiting for just the right moment when you cram your foot back into your big stupid mouth. I feel bad, because you gave me one of my favorite current comic book series, and something I can keep reading and enjoying and recommending for a long time, and I didn't even give you a fair shake. Well, here I am, making it up to you.

I guess I had to get that out of the way.

Here's a thing about comics. If you're 10 issues into a new series and you can do a fill-in issue that doesn't have anything to do with the plot, and it's not because the art team needs a break, and it is actually good, and adds something to the world, even without directly moving the story forward, you've got something good. We're in the middle of the second big arc of this story, and here, Aaron decided to focus on a completely unknown character that gives us a view of the world of the Prairie Rose Indian Reservation in a depth we haven't had before. I really want to know what's happening next to Dashiell Bad Horse, yet I didn't mind this diversion one bit.

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Don't worry, Josh. We're cool. Thanks for giving the book another shot.


Josh Flanagan at: 9:31 AM said...

Thanks Jason! You've earned a big supporter for this book.

We also did a segment in last week's video show on the book. That fact that this was the pick this week is actually coincidence.

The show is here:

Dan Coyle at: 4:22 PM said...

Real fascinating issue and better than the last one. Red Crow is such a great character.

Guera's art gets better with every issue; I loved the shot of the tossed beer can into the pile, and the final two pages.

RM Guéra at: 10:45 PM said...

Thanks guys, fer real.
We need believers, not praisers & ts heavier task, so thanks again...& for real again.


ps...joke, twas a joke. We need praisers also, eh...;

Anonymous at: 4:21 PM said...

Hey man - another fantastic issue. Doesn't quite top the last in terms of sheer bravura intensity, but this was yet another compelling character piece that read perfectly well as a single issue, whilst building the bigger picture. Really fucking good.

Out of interest have you read any Thom Jones? He's one of the best American short story writers I've read (shades of Raymond Carver, but a different more visceral tone). If you haven't, then check out 'Sonny Liston is A Friend of Mine' the collection. The sequence of three Vietnam stories are incredible, and definitely reminded me of your writing style. Michael Herr rates him, so don't just take my word...

sr sopha at: 11:15 AM said...

Jason, please don't listen to Rob Schmidt's flemanderings. He himself is supporting NDN stereotypes, all the while preaching he is some sort of cultural savior for us. But he is not, he is a white dude who probably smoked a lot of dope in the sixties and somehow thinks his New Age translation of Indian America is ok, because he "has an abiding interest in Native and multicultural subjects." And he "read books", so his subject matter is sincere. We don't all get offended when someone writes a story that takes place within our communities. Those that do need to give their lives and identities another look.
I love the series (Scalped); next to Criminal, the best one out there, and for the first ten issues, I thought either you, or Guera were NDN. You hit too many things on the head, brought up too many memories. Sure there are misplaced symbols (totem poles, etc.), but it felt like you were playing to that crowd of stereotyping and I appreciated it.
Issue Ten was great reminded me of a Sherman Alexei story, and Red Crows reminder as to where the kid came from was touching and true.

RM Guéra at: 1:54 PM said...

Sr Sopha – thank you...(...)...very, very much...


Ps...”credit” for that (damn) owl pole is all mine & NOT Jason’s, I just had too many things to think about first. Stereotype & misplace simply didn’t look as such at the moment & you saw the result…But I do feel that those more important things for the STORY were done with 100% of my abilities (whatever level this could bring)…

I do suppose Rob’s intentions are not bad, but what’s to understand is really easy:
I (we) simply am not native who makes comics (about how deeply native I am). I’m comic artist first, who happens to make one about natives.
And loves it (& - being Serbian - I feel like one, I give you that, & I don’t give a fast duck who understands it & who not)...

Pps...Jason, forgive second appearance, I know this is not my blog (ha,ha)...

Jason Aaron at: 4:44 PM said...

Thanks, Sr Sopha. I really appreciate your comment.

And Guera, get your ass back to work!

Amazing Améziane at: 6:07 PM said...

amazing issue.

if you had begun the serie with it
it would have completly change the flavour of the serie.
a dark crime story in native american country… with strong social content.

WAHOU! on my top list right away.
the ART of RM GUERA caught me on the spot.

the page 11 where the kids tosh the beer cans on the mountain of dead soldiers… this page is priceless and said more about the life in the reserve and the broken dreams of these kids then many books.
that's the stuff VERTIGO was created for.

keep up the awesome work you two and the little help too…

RM Guéra at: 10:06 AM said...

...but, Jason...I don't work with my ass...dunno. How?

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