The conclusion of my two part FRIDAY THE 13TH story came out today. How many references to 1970s movies and TV shows can you spot?


Edward at: 5:18 AM said...

Mr. Aaron,

I know that this may be a bit of a late pass but I just wanted to give you my thoughts on this recent issue of “Scalped”. Now I myself have never been to South Dakota or know of any Native Americans myself. But this latest issue hit me hard. Guera’s images of the Prarie Rose Reservation reminded me of the places of where my family and friends use to live in and still reside today. I was depressed when I saw Dino “Poor Bear” trying to live off of a pipe dream when the conditions around him showed there was no chance anybody can leave unless you had the necessities to get out of there. There are very few comic books out there that deal with the sociological aspect of the American life. It’s a shame Dino decided to stay behind when he could’ve left the reservation. But his character reminded me of D’Angelo Barksdale off of “The Wire”. Dee was also a guy who could’ve had the chance to leave Baltimore but due to his family obligations he was unable to do that. I’m hoping I get to see more of Dino and his role in “Scalped”. Thank you for replying back last time when I praised this book as well as your other work “The Other Side”. I see nothing but excellent things for this book and for your career. I hope something good comes out of these characters. I also dig the reference to the Tupac track: “Ambitionz Az A Ridah”. I also wanted to praise Guera’s work in this book. I’m hoping some of his works from Europe get to be published here in the States someday.

Edward Kim
(New York City)

“You could leave the ghetto. But the ghetto ain’t gonna leave you. It’s in you forever if you keep in touch.”
-Treach (from Naughty By Nature)-

Jason Aaron at: 4:40 PM said...

Thanks, Edward. I'd love to see Guera's European work reprinted here in the states too, but as far as I know, that's not presently in the works.

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