My Wife's Mosaics

The basement of my house is filled with equal parts comic book longboxes and heaps of broken dishes.  The comic books are mine.  My work-related reference library.  The broken dishes belong to my lovely wife, Kelly, who uses them to make mosaics.  Switchplates, picture frames, chalk boards and the like.  Her offbeat and wickedly cool work is currently on display all throughout our house and at the following stores:

Sister's Garden and Bloom
4895 Hwy 1 SW
Kalona, Iowa 52247

309 N. Santa Cruz Avenue
Los Gatos, California 95030

316 West 63rd Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64113

Or you can peruse her blog and ask her about a custom piece.  She's currently working on a bulletin board for my office featuring crucifixes and freaky dog heads. So, you know, just my style.


T2 at: 12:56 PM said...

We LOVE your wife's mosaics and are the proud owner of one of her bird houses. Here's a photo of it hanging in our garden in Cali:

EDITED: Fixed the photo link.

RM Guéra at: 2:15 PM said...

Really nice. "Dad" is the winner...

Hands to Work, Hearts to God at: 12:01 AM said...

Her work is terrific! Patsy from

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