R.M. Guera speaks

Interview at Newsarama

: Then to finish up, how would you describe your overall experience of working on Scalped?

Guéra: It’s gratifying on all levels, especially the feel of tremendous luck it came to be reality at all. Giulia Brusco on colors, that also is absolute blessing.

I think that by now it’s obvious that
Scalped is a serial of both of our careers, Jason’s and mine, no matter what we do after. There’s a strong sense that the best is still to come, which is simply inspiring, as we’ll go on together.

I said it once somewhere, I’d draw Jason’s recipe for a cake. And I mean it...


Eric Garrison at: 1:00 PM said...

Very cool interview. Interesting in seeing THE LAST PICTURE SHOW. Was that a big influence for you on scalped?

RM Guéra at: 3:14 PM said...

Thanks Eric,
but I'm not sure to whom is your question addressed to (?)...
Just in case:
watching it, I myself was surprised that this movie is inside my Scalped style.

Jason Aaron at: 12:17 PM said...

I love that movie but don't remember it being a direct influence on me in terms of SCALPED. I'm sure it was all just part of the mix though, you know.

Man Without Fear at: 8:09 PM said...

Guera is by far one of my favorite artists right now working in the field of comics. It seems every time I get Scalped Aaron, Guera and the team always deliver.

François at: 10:40 AM said...

Just a word from a french reader : thanks for this mature piece of story !

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