Travel Plans

Looks like I'll be headed to San Francisco in September to sign at Isotope. Dates and times to be announced. Never been to San Fran before. Am already excited.


Man Without Fear at: 4:10 PM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Man Without Fear at: 4:12 PM said...

they don't let you edit comments? w-t-f

OH O.O, i'll definitely try to go for this...4 months from now...hope nothing comes up.

Do I have to pay you to sign stuff or what's the deal? is such information available at the present time? Just really curious since I've never been able to get stuff signed before

Jason Aaron at: 2:13 PM said...

You don't have to pay me anything, no. Don't have any details yet though. Stay tuned.

Man Without Fear at: 7:49 PM said...

hmm...I really do hope you do this on the weekend and I really do hope that I can make it.. thanks for answering as well. If I am able to go i'll bring a lot of stuff :D

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