From Twitter: My Weekend Travel Problems

I hit a few snags while traveling to Michigan for the Cherry Capital Con this past weekend, and learned a very important lesson.

Everytime I start to set my hat on the bed, I hear Matt Dillon's voice in my head. 

Stuck in MPLS for the night. Anybody got Prince's number?

I'm still coming to the con in Traverse City. Just gonna be late.

This hotel shampoo makes me smell like I just showered in piña colada. This really is the land of Prince!

Also, am convinced I'm having travel problems because I put the fucking hat on the bed.

Flight delayed again. Minneapolis won't let me leave!

Delayed again! Changing pilots!

Am in Michigan. Only 17 hours late.

Daniel Way's battery dead... the curse of the hat on the bed continues.

Steve Dillon is trying to educate me about cricket and is only making me more confused.

Got stuck in a tram, barely made my flight. Fuck you, MPLS airport. You are a bermuda triangle of fuckedupedness for me.

Home. Not a superstisious guy, but I will never ever EVER put my hat on the bed again.

My travel problems by the way were the fault of Delta and whatever demented sadists built & maintain the Minneapolis airport, not the con.

Cherry Capital Con was a blast and the folks who run it couldn't be nicer.


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