WOLVERINE #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOLVERINE #1 is out this week, in which I send everyone's favorite Canucklehead to the depths of hell. Welcome to the Heroic Age, friends!

This is me talking WOLVERINE to USA Today

This is me taking questions on CBR's X-Position

And this is me encouraging you again to go buy WOLVERINE #1! It's the start of a lot of very big plans I have for Logan, things that will forever change his world and the cast of folks he has around him. If for no other reason, you should check it out just for the amazing art of both Renato Guedes and Jason Latour.

Coming up next, Wolverine vs. the devil! The return of Sabretooth! The Ghost Riders get involved! And the reappearance of the Marvel U's most badass midget!


Unknown at: 7:23 PM said...

Jason, I'll be picking this one up and I haven't bought a comic in years. Why? 'Cause I just finished "The Other Side" and you, my friend, can't fail. Probably at anything. And I don't mean this in a Hollywood-ish ass-kissing kind of way, I mean your grocery list is probably a good read. I look forward the fruits of your hopefully lengthy career.


Comic Box at: 5:14 AM said...

Don't know if you speak french but, here's our review anyway ;-)

Aaron Duran at: 5:10 PM said...

Couple 'o comments. First, just read your new column on Comic Book Resources. Enjoyed your frank writing about how you broke into the comic industry. (And, how you confirmed my suspicion that porn DOES help - Good thing I live in Portland). Definitely looking forward to more work on the site!

Second, I gave Wolverine #1 a review last week on my show: http://geekinthecity.com/?p=3738 Even as a fan of your work, I was worried about another Wolverine relaunch... Promise, I won't doubt again. Thanks again. Keep writing, I'll keep reading (and buying).

Anonymous at: 5:56 AM said...

I'm enjoying the series, but think its damn funny that you call this Wolverine Goes to Hell. For Wolverine, this is heaven. I mean getting to kill them all again? Who would have ever thought you could have so much fun?

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