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Hugues Derolez at: 5:35 AM said...

Mister. I just found Scalped three weeks ago and now I just found you, on the Internet. I'm pleased. When I was in Paris I just loved the tpb; I search for a place, somewhere, anywhere, just for reading it. I sat next to a big old church. It was a blast. I try to write comicbooks too, and other things. First thing is trying to do it on Internet with the Zuda Comics competition. My blog (ialwayshaveaplan.blogspot.com, yeah, he's cute) will presents pin-ups and previews and some stuff. We'll call our thing American Icons. It's a pleasure to read a young and powerful new writer in the medium. I'm waiting for new creator-owned stories aha. I wish you the best of luck for the future.

Best regards,

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