The Vietnam War in Comics: IRON MAN

I spoke too soon when I called the Mighty Thor the first superhero to get embroiled in the Vietnam War. How could I forget the one hero whose very origin goes back to the earliest days of the war? In the pages of Marvel's TALES OF SUSPENSE #39 from March 1963, millionaire industrialist Tony Stark gets himself injured by a booby-trap in the jungles of Vietnam, while demonstrating his high tech “transistor-powered” weapons to the U.S. military. He's then captured by Wong-Chu, the yellow-skinned “red guerrilla tyrant” of Vietnam, who forces Stark to build weapons for the Commie cause. Instead, Stark builds a suit of armor he uses to blast the Commie bastard back to the stone age.

And thus, Iron Man was born.


Jason Aaron at: 9:34 AM said...

I assume they've already retooled Iron Man's origin for modern times, but I don't know.

B. Clay Moore at: 10:46 PM said...

Tod Holton, Super Green Beret, anyone?

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