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My current workload:

SCALPED -- 37 issues on the shelves and still plenty more story left to tell.  The first big arc this year is "Unwanted," drawn by Guera.

PUNISHER MAX -- Second arc, titled "Bullseye," is coming out right now.  Third arc will be titled "Frank." And that ain't the end of the story.
WOLVERINE -- WOLVERINE: WEAPON X is winding down and in its place comes WOLVERINE. First arc is "Wolverine Goes to Hell" which is exactly what it sounds like.  Looking forward to a nice long run on this book.

ASTONISHING SPIDER-MAN & WOLVERINE -- Having loads of fun with this.  A big, batshit-crazy six-issue story with the chance for more to follow.  Already know how I wanna follow it up.

PROJECT TO BE NAMED LATER -- Just recently wrote the first issue of a secret new mini-series featuring a character I've never written before.  Have no idea when this'll be announced.  Sorry to be a tease.

No screenplays or teleplays in the works for me right now.  I'm all comics, all the time.  And loving every second of it.  Thanks for reading.


c. jorge at: 2:11 PM said...

Thanks for writing, man

Anonymous at: 4:46 PM said...

Is there any chance to see Jigsaw in a future arc of Punisher? Thanks.

Jason Aaron at: 5:16 PM said...

No plans for Jigsaw right now. Frank's already got his hands full with Kingpin and Bullseye.

Sir Jorge at: 9:52 PM said...

scalped has been my favorite comic book ever...i'm hoping for a television series on hbo or movie spin off cause it's better than 99% of all other dramas and action series' going right now

keep it up, i'm digging the series

Al at: 1:49 AM said...

Who is going to be doing art for the "Frank" arc? I saw that Steve Dillon will be on Ultimate Avengers 3, so I figure that it'll be someone else.

Jason Aaron at: 9:25 AM said...

Steve will be doing both. He's pretty fast.

Al at: 3:06 PM said...

Thanks for the quick response. I'm loving your books. Keep up the awesome work!

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