my favorite comics: VIETNAM JOURNAL

"As the machine gun bucked against me, the horror of what I was doing receded. The 60 became a warm, friendly thing. That feeling will haunt me until the day I die."

Recommended in honor of Memorial Day: Don Lomax's amazing VIETNAM JOURNAL series which is now coming back into print.  Here's what I wrote about VIETNAM JOURNAL for CBR back in 2006:

VIETNAM JOURNAL #1 was unleashed upon an unsuspecting populace in November 1987, courtesy of little-known Apple Comics. Borrowing a phrase from Full Metal Jacket screenwriter Gustav Hasford, Don Lomax’s vision of Vietnam had come to “mangle frail civilian sensibilities.” Comic-wise, I’ve still never seen anything so horrific as the horribly burned chopper pilot from Vietnam Journal #7, whose leg comes off in a medic’s hands; the meticulously-pockmarked landscape and the bullet-riddled bodies of Viet Cong in issue #4; the tangled mass of soldiers clinging desperately to a chopper’s rope ladder in #5; the poor grunt who’s been shot in the face on the opening page of #6; the bayoneted baby in #13; or the last three issues, #14-16, which are, without a doubt, the most brutal and disturbing comics I’ve ever read. Even today, VIETNAM JOURNAL is one of the most gritty and brutally honest war stories ever published.

Looks like the first three volumes are out and volume 4 is on the way, all courtesy of Transfuzion. These are must-own books, especially for any fan of war comics.

Don Lomax's VIETNAM JOURNAL from Transfuzion Publishing
Lomax's online continuation of the story


Don Lomax at: 6:24 PM said...


I truely appreciate your support and kind words over the years. You have always been in my corner and understand fully what I am trying to do. To reintroduce the Vietnam War to the next generation lest it be just a hiccup in their History books. Real heroes fought and died in those rice paddies so far away and their families, some 40 years later, still grieve and feel their absence. Remember the past lest we are doomed to repeat it.

Don Lomax

Jason Aaron at: 4:38 PM said...

I remain as ever a huge fan of your work, Don. I'm just happy to help clue some more folks in.

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