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Beard -- May 26, 2010, originally uploaded by Jason Aaron.

SCALPED #38 and WOLVERINE WEAPON X #13 both out today. SCALPED is a Vietnam War flashback issue while WEAPON X continues the time-bending Deathlok saga. Go read them, won't you?


drawmein at: 11:20 PM said...

Hey man, doing a good job keeping up with the blog!

Anonymous at: 6:40 PM said...

I started buying Weapon X regularly once I saw the Captain America pub crawl (def worth the $4) and now that I am and I think this was the best issue of the arc so far. And that's in no small part to Spidey and Thing's back-and-forth. I went around yelling Yancy Street wherever I met for the next 2 days. My coworkers-- not amused.
And Scalped, to quote Da Brat, is just da shit ya can't fuck wit.


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