SCALPED #1 for 100 pennies!

The sixth trade paperback collection of SCALPED is in stores today, collecting "The Gnawing," a pivotal arc that wraps up many of the plot threads from the book's first couple years and sets the stage for virtually everything to come for the duration of the series. It features an introduction by the great Matt Fraction that is heartwarming in its seriousness and does not make fun of me in any way whatsoever.

But hey, what if you're never read SCALPED?  Well there's something in stores for you as well, my friend.  You can pick up a reprint of SCALPED #1 for just $1 today and see what all the fuss is about. (There is fuss, isn't there?)  If you're already a SCALPED fan, then buy some copies for your non-SCALPED reading friends and tell them you won't be seen publicly with them again until they've read it.  Buy copies for your enemies.  Buy copies for random people on the street.  Buy a copy for that man/woman at your work you're dying to sleep with but who so far hasn't given you the time of day and I guarantee you'll get the best fuck of your life.  No need to thank me.  Adventure is my reward.


Mikel at: 2:28 PM said...

First. I am an avid reader of SCALPED and I just can't wait for the sixth paperback! It won't cross the Atlantic until next week I think (I live in Spain). So, grrr! The anxiety!

Second. I loved that line about buying SCALPED copies to someone you want to -beep- with! Great idea. I'll keep it in mind!

Third. Keep up making SCALPED as good as it is, Mr. Aaron!! Greetings from the North of Spain!

Anthony at: 10:29 AM said...

Wanted to first say that I purchase the first trade on Monday from Barnes and Noble and went back Tuesday to purchase the rest.

This book is excellent. It reminds me of "The Wire" and the movie "City of God" I wanted to say keep up the good work and I love all the Tupac references.

"My ambitionz az a ridah" love it

take care and keep it up


Man Without Fear at: 10:03 PM said...

Loved every issue i've gotten for Scalped, and i'll be getting a couple/few copies of this issue.Keep up the awesome work.

McNater at: 9:47 AM said...

I just have to chime in and say how much I love what you are doing with SCALPED. It is now my favorite on-going comic for sure. I read through "The Gnawing" last night in bed and had to take awhile to decompress after. What a fantastic volume. Keep up the amazing work. I can't wait to see where this is all headed.

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