my favorite comics: GANGSTA RAP POSSE

"They're on the move!  I repeat: Gangsta Rap Posse is on the move!"

1991. South Central, LA, is a world of crushing beats, hard rhymes, murderous days and police-chased nights. The kings of South Central, the most notorious rap group in the world, Gangsta Rap Posse, is on the loose, eliminating rivals, dealing stolen dope and getting rich! They're wanted by corrupt cops and hot women equally. In between gun battles and getting paid, they're dominating the mics and working on their much-anticipated upcoming album! It's sure to be a wrecking ball on the charts! Witness the first chapter in their story, Californiapocalypse.

I love Benjamin Marra's comics.  They're outrageous and profane and pure fucking funI think he described this new series as "What if N.W.A. were really as badass as you thought they were when you were 14."  What more do you need to know?

Benjamin Marra blog


J.R. LeMar at: 7:25 PM said...

Just placed my order!

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