Your "To Do" List for Today

Go buy SCALPED #21, the first part of a new arc, "The Grave In Your Guts," featuring the always amazing art of R.M. Guera (and as an extra tidbit, there's an original essay I wrote for the backmatter, titled "19 Things That Fuel SCALPED").

Go buy GHOST RIDER #27, which features a man with a flaming skull for a head fighting an albino vampire and the always exciting art of Tan Eng Huat. Oh and also, nuns with nunchucks.

Come back here or go to my message board and tell me what you thought.

Give yourself a hug from me.


robert aka peanut at: 11:22 PM said...

Hi Mr. Arron
Just wanted to show thanks and appreciation on giving our show producer Richard for UVN the 411 on your work.

I actually remember wolerine 175 (partially) just the part of him and his healing factor is/was the reason for his memory loss, not the weapon x project. And (was it you writing)the side story of wolverine chopping a piece of a guys body each year? I own that book but its at a friends, so i couldnt revisit at the moment.

Good luck with canuck, big pun, and skulls and panthers :) hehe i smell a crossover with that group of people (secret defenders 2008 any one lol)

take care always

(of uvn)

robert aka peanut at: 11:24 PM said...

yeah, i spelled ya damn name wrong too! i have a horrible habit of that and pronounciations.

Anonymous at: 4:32 PM said...


I just wanted to leave you a note to let you know that SCALPED is in my top 5 of long form comic novels. 100 BULLETS, PREACHER, TRANSMET, and STARMAN round out the other 4. This book has been consistantly the most gripping, easily accessible (sorry 100 BULLETS) book that I cannot wait to read each much. Brilliant.

Thanks for your time.

Jason Ragle

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