Here's a movie that's just dying to be remade. And I would sure love to write it. Thanks to Jason Latour for turning me on to this flick.

Kris Kristofferson plays a struggling musician who's been busted for selling weed but is trying to go straight. Gene Hackman is the narc who busted him. When Hackman needs some cash, he steals a metric fuck-ton of weed and gives it to Kristofferson to sell, putting a gun to his head and telling him he needs to make ten thousand dollars in two days or he's dead. The movie kind of falls apart at the end (I kept waiting for the guys Hackman ripped off to show up, gunning to get their weed back, but they never did), but how great a set-up is that?

On another note, how cool is Kris Kristofferson? If I was to come up with five people, living or dead, I'd want to invite over for dinner, you better believe he'd make the list.


Jason Latour at: 6:27 PM said...

So you saw it huh? Awesome. Thought you'd dig the vibe of it.

I almost stole the guitar case doubling for drug/money stash for LOOSE ENDS, but thought it would be forcing it.

You write that remake and I'll direct. Tony Moore will star.

-J La

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