Adieu, T'Challa

I bid goodbye to the country of Wakanda today as my last issue of BLACK PANTHER ships. It was a fun three issues, and I don't regret for a second that so many Skrulls had to die during the making of this series. Adieu, King T'Challa. Adieu. Perhaps we'll meet again some day.


brotherTodd at: 4:20 AM said...

That was a mindblowing awesome run! Thank you for a great read!

Troy at: 4:07 PM said...

It was damned enjoyable. You'd be perfect to take over Black Panther when the current writer is finished.

Also, Happy Native American Day! May you find some frybread, as I sure as hell can't.

Umbra at: 10:59 PM said...

Hey, just want to let you know. That was CLASSIC...and it will go down as a Classic.

You have so many people that want you to take over this title.

I mean, I felt like C. Priest was writing again...but you added your own twist.

You will have a lot of folk lobbing for you.

Awesome work...

Jason Aaron at: 11:28 AM said...

I appreciate that people want to see me do more BLACK PANTHER, but me taking over the title just isn't in the cards. My dance card is already full for the next couple years with Marvel, including some very exciting projects, and besides that, there are already big plans in the works for BP. Still, I would love to write the character again at some point, and would like to do something more with Storm as well.

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