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ehc at: 3:36 PM said...

Heidi McDonald posted Marvel and DC sales news in The Beat:

Ghost Rider #25 - 24,546 (+0.2%)
Hellblazer #246 — 12,088 (+1.6%)
Scalped #19 — 7,221 (+ 2.9%)

Everything you're writing is going up. I think a clear message is being send here. It's time everybody notices you're the best thing that happened to mainstream comics writing in ten years.


ehc at: 5:11 AM said...

Oh, and I forgot this one:

Black Panther #39 - 33,900 (+72.2%)

Of course, a Secret Invasion Tie In, but it's the one with the highest increase in sales, clearly.

persianp at: 12:16 PM said...

Those previews all look awesome. Especially, well...all of them. Are the Scalpeds from two separate issues? Or are we not privileged enough to know?

Jason Aaron at: 12:43 PM said...

Thanks for noticing the positive numbers, ehc.

And persianp, the Scalped images are from the same issue, #21, which is out next week.

Dan Coyle at: 3:05 PM said...

Is Guera trying a more open style with the artwork? Looks a bit different.

Jason Aaron at: 1:45 PM said...

Guera's style has evolved a little over the course of the series, I suppose, just as he's become more comfortable with the story and the setting and the colorist too, I would guess.

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