Busy busy busy

Just a sitrep on what all I'm working on right now.

GHOST RIDER -- Things really ramp up beginning with issue #27, and I think the five part arc that begins there will be the best thing I've done on the book so far. I'm introducing a lot of new characters and writing some outrageous fight scenes, and man, I can't wait to write the ending. It's a doozy.

WOLVERINE: MANIFEST DESTINY -- In the second issue of this mini I get to give Wolverine a beat-down like he ain't seen since I don't know when. And I also get to bring back the Sons of the Tiger. Anybody out there remember them?

SCALPED -- Still need to finish up the "Gravel in Your Guts" arc that begins with #21, then it's on to a big arc with some more of those stand-alone character-driven issues that our readers seem to love, including looks at some characters we haven't previously focused on, like Agent Nitz and Shunka, Red Crow's right hand man.

PUNISHER CHRISTMAS SPECIAL -- Just in case I ain't already going to hell when I die, this book will most assuredly reserve me a special place there. You've been warned.

UN-NAMED X-RELATED ONE-SHOT -- This hasn't been announced yet so I don't wanna say too much, just that it's a character I haven't written before and it features the only Marvel universe villain I know of who's from Alabama.

ONI GRAPHIC NOVEL -- Things look to be picking up on the graphic novel I've started working on for Oni. Don't want to spoil too much about it since it's still pretty far in the future, but I will say it's about one of my favorite subjects in the entire world: college football.

NEW PROJECTS FOR NEXT YEAR -- Just this past week I've learned about a couple of sweet gigs that look to be lining up for me next year at Marvel. As fun as this year has been for me, next year is looking to be even better. Stay tuned. And thanks for the support.


Dan Coyle at: 11:18 PM said...

Alabama? Okay, you just sent every Marvel nerd who reads this blog running for their Essential Handbooks. DAMN YOU!

James at: 3:22 AM said...

Honestly, you're one of the few dudes I'd trust with the Punisher after Ennis' run. It might just be a one shot, but I'm still looking forward to it.

Marc Bryant at: 7:57 AM said...

Didn't Perez have a hand in creating the Sons of the Tiger? I first saw them in one of those cool Marvel Calendars from the 70's. Later I got my hands on some Deadly Hands of Kung Fu. I miss those old black and white mags. Except for the Howard the Duck Gerberless heresy.

bernard crowshit at: 10:34 PM said...

hey i just thought i'd leave you a shout since i mentioned this elsewhere right. i like yer scalped stuff, #20 with that scene of her on the floor baby clothes all around and crying you know, that was just about the sadest thing i've seen in a while, really made me stop and just takes it in. sorry fur getting all girlysoundin and floundering with my words, but hey you know, i feel like a goofy fanboy or something, so i'll stop and just say keep it up, we think yer doin great!

Sandra at: 2:58 PM said...

Good heavens, Sons of the Tiger? Geeeez, that's going back aways. And I love it! Can't wait for it and the Punisher Christmas Special.

Aaaack! What a tease. Sweet new gigs next year? How about a hint? Does he have wings on his ankles? :wink:

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