Random Thoughts while laboring away on Labor Day

Up late on Labor Day, working away on GHOST RIDER #30. Just how many Ghost Riders do you reckon I can fit into one single issue? The answer so far: five. And there's more to come.

Had my second fantasy football draft of the week, so you better believe I'm set for the NFL kickoff in a few days. Oh how I abhor that despicably long wait between football seasons. Thank God for the NFL Network. And how about that Crimson Tide the other night? We're back, baby. The Bear is smiling down from his throne in heaven. All is right with the world again.

If you like looking at awesome pieces of original comic art, you should definitely check out the blog of my friend Ande Parks, inker and writer extraordinaire. Ande has an amazing collection. Tell him I sent ya. And remind him I'm gonna kick his ass in Fantasy Football this year too.

That is all. Ghost Rider awaits.


Alan Kistler at: 4:07 PM said...

First off, I've been loving your new run on Ghost Rider. I was big fan of the original Blaze run and haven't felt the character's been used correctly until, well, you, pretty much. And I think making Danny a villain in the book is terribly interesting.

I work for ComicMix.com and we're very interested in interviewing you concerning your work and on the difficulties/fun of re-energizing a character many may have given up on. I can be contacted at KistlerAlan@gmail.com. Previous interviews I've done can be found at this link below:

Thanks for your time.

Jason Aaron at: 5:16 PM said...

Hey, Alan, just drop me a line at jason at jasonaaron.info and we can set up an interview. Thanks.

kilmoonie at: 5:59 PM said...

I haven't been on board Ghost Rider for more than 10 years. But based on Scalped being the best thing published, I'm back on board with you. FUCKING AWESOME. I'm having so much fun with it, I can't even tell you.

And good luck with Fantasy. My two drafts are finally over, so I'm just getting ready for the new season.


kilmoonie at: 6:01 PM said...

I meant the best thing being published NOW. I wasn't stroking you THAT much.


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