Final thoughts on SCALPED

These past couple days have been very special for me. All the kind words from fans and fellow creators have been really overwhelming. You people are seriously awesome. Thank you so much for supporting SCALPED over the years. Without you, we never would've made it to issue 60. And without SCALPED, I for one wouldn't be here.

Lots of people have been asking me how I feel about the series wrapping up, if I'm sad to see it end. I suppose I will miss writing those characters from time to time. And I will definitely miss working with the team behind SCALPED (though hopefully we can all get together again someday). But as far as the actual series goes, no, I'm not sad to finally be done. It's time. Time to give people of Prairie Rose the ending they've always had coming. Time to hopefully pay-off all the years and dollars you beloved readers have spent following their adventures. And time for me to move on to other stories (THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #1! Coming this November!).

I will do more stories like SCALPED, that's for sure. My next creator-owned project is already in the works, and I think it's something that will appeal to anybody who enjoyed the exploits of Red Crow and Bad Horse. I actually hope to start writing the first issue next week. But I don't think I'll be turning right around and jumping into another 60 issues series. SCALPED represents more than six years of my life. I don't have another journey like that in me just yet. Someday, yes. I think I even know what that next big one will be. But it'll just have to wait for a bit.

For now I'm keeping busy with X-MEN and THOR and that unnamed creator-owned book that right's around the corner. And I quite honestly couldn't be happier.

So again, thank you, SCALPED-fan, whoever and wherever you are. Even if I work in comics for 100 years, I don't think I will ever do another comic or work with another team or have another group of fans as special as this one. I love you all more than you know.

Now let's go have a beer.


Neil at: 9:03 PM said...

Cheers. I've been reading them in TPB, so I'm looking forward to the final volume. Put em all together and you've got one of the finest noir novels I've ever read.

boldcoffee at: 9:37 PM said...

Thank you for delivering one of my favorite books of all time.

HoopleHeadedDan at: 10:04 PM said...

Congrats Jason. Can't wait for that creator owned title!

Man Without Fear at: 12:11 AM said...

To be honest I have to thank you Mr. Aaron. SCALPED was a book month in and month out that I never regretted buying. I enjoyed the book every month. All the covers, all the issues...never a dull moment. SCALPED was one of the books where the only downside was the month wait in between issues. It's meant a lot to me, this book, and trust me....I enjoyed....THOROUGHLY....spending money on this book. It's one of the very few that, imo, honestly deserved it.

Linus at: 12:35 AM said...

Got to read it today. A really satisfying conclusion. Gonna miss Prairie Rose

chirac!!!! at: 4:47 PM said...

It's always weird to buy the last issue of a book i followed every issue since the first (and a book that managed to stay that good all the time, i'll admit i was a little bit less astonished by the last year, as great as it was, but the book always stayed amazing from start to finish), but this one is even weirder because it marks the end of all monthlies, all floppies-even hellblazer, a book i've bought every issue-, DC books and visits to the comicshop (as long as i can't find in france a comicshop boycotting the watchmen nonsense).

Thank you Jason and the gang, for being the star of the last 5 years of my weird habit, it was great, strong, thrilling, moving, and even if you won't find me helping you help the finances of disney and those who come to spit on kirby's grave, i'll be there for every creator-owned you have in the future and hope i won't need to wait too long for that.

anthony at: 7:29 PM said...

"I die a goddamn fool" just might become my next tattoo.

Thank you so much for this series. I'm sad to see it go, but I just finished the last issue and I'm not disappointed (and I never like endings!). Bless you, JA.

Anthony Bradley

sweetashoney at: 7:47 AM said...

Thank you for SCALPED. Thank you very much indeed. I'm not sure anything so powerful might be churned out anytime soon - unless of course I'm wrong and anyone'd like to suggest any other book past or present I can start reading.

Anyway, can't wait for whatever you've got lined up. You, Guera and all the others really made something special.

Unknown at: 5:38 PM said...

Congrats on Scalped and Punisher Max Jason. They are both among two of my all time favourite pieces of fiction.
Keep up the good work.


Dublin Ireland.

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