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Many of the students and teachers from the Jean Grey School now have their own accounts on twitter. There's a list of them here. Recently they played out an original scene that can be read in conjunction with WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #5, involving Beast's Biology 101 class examining the wonders of the mutant body in an up-close and personal setting.

@HenryMcCoyPhD Doctor Henry McCoy
Welcome to the @JeanGreySchool Biology 101 class, this is coming to you live from within the circulatory system of an adult male mutant!

@HenryMcCoyPhD Doctor Henry McCoy
That mutant’s identity will remain secret in order to protect his medical privacy.

@JanitorToad Toad
This feels weird.

@HenryMcCoyPhD Doctor Henry McCoy
Thanks to the miracle of size-altering Pym Particles, today we will view the wonders of the mutant body up close!

@QQuire Quentin Quire
I got caught doing that same thing on my computer in Psyche class and got detention for a week.

@idie_okonkwo Idie
This all seems very… indecent. I feel like I should cover my eyes.  

@GenesisHero Genesis
Where I come from in Kansas, I’m pretty sure this sort of thing is illegal.

@GlobHerman Glob Herman
It smells like feet. Are we inside somebody's feet?

@_Broodling_ Broo
So much learning feel like like I’m going to hyperventilate. Keep it together, Broodling.

@KidGladiator1 Kid Gladiator
This is boring! When do we start the dissection?

 @HenryMcCoyPhD Doctor Henry McCoy
Wrong class… alien-boy-whose-name-I-still-cannot-remember. We are not dissecting anything today.

@HenryMcCoyPhD Doctor Henry McCoy
We are merely observing, and experiencing firsthand the intricate beauty of mutant physiology.

@KidGladiator1 Kid Gladiator
You mean... we're just LOOKING at someone's guts?

@KidGladiator1 Kid Gladiator
I've been doing that since I was 12! Usually because I punched someone too hard in the stomach.

For the rest of the scene, visit Marvel.com


Roleplay Adventures at: 2:02 PM said...

I really love this book a lot. I am happy you turned Wolverine into the leader us true fans always knew he was. I always believed Chris Claremont wanted Wolverine to be a leader, not some short tempered loner who wants to kill everybody. I feel you are the first writer (In a long time.) to finally understand who Wolverine really is and how he should be presented in comic books. In my opinion you nailed the character down perfectly, where so many other writers never came close to grasping the concept. I really hope Marvel uses your "take" on Wolverine as a template for future writers to follow on the Wolverine solo book. (I feel you said it best that "Wolverine is a work in progress" in issue #16. That sums up how I've always felt about Wolverine in the last ten years I've followed the character. He is somebody who strives to better himself. At the core of his character I always believed that was there and it sucks as a fan to see other writers try to take that away.)Having him look after other mutant children was a brilliant move and as a character who has lived as long as he has it just makes perfect sense. (And it's something I always wanted for the character.) I am sad you left the main solo book, but I'm so happy and grateful you are writing Wolverine and The X-Men. I really hope you stay on that book for a very long time. Hell, I hope that the series goes on to reach issue 500 +. For as long as I am alive I will support the series you are working so hard on. Thank you so much.

Jason Aaron at: 10:00 PM said...

Much appreciated. And yeah, I hope to stay on this series for a long time.

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