A Year In the Life of My Beard

That's me at last year's San Diego Comic Con (appearing in Patrick Meaney's Grant Morrison documentary) on the left and at this year's New York Comic Con (appearing in Patrick's Warren Ellis doc) on the right. Gained a bit of beard and also lost about 40 pounds in between those two photos.



Anonymous at: 1:04 PM said...

Big fan of your works. Like you, I am big fan of Logan's role and love the way you put his storyline. Excellent run as you did Ghost Rider. Now, I am bit concern, what is up with PunisherMax? I didn't mean to be impatient, there is no way to shut down or whatever reason disappear when there is only one more issue of Bulleye left.

Bruce Castle at: 3:14 AM said...

To answer anonymous, I'm sure it has to due with Steve Dillon's current gig with Mark Millar, Ultimate Avengers 3. Things will probably be back on track after that's done.

And to Jason, I lost about 40 pounds, too, so hooray us! Let's celebrate with a box of donuts!

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