R.M. Guera in DRAW! magazine


It sports a sweet SCALPED cover and features a lengthy interview with Guera. A must for any SCALPED fan.


Anonymous at: 1:46 PM said...

Mr. Aaron,
I'm a journalist involved with the website for the Brazilian publishers of Vertigo magazine - which carries SCALPED.
I'd like to talk to you via e-mail, but your jason@jasonaaron.info seems to have a problem (i sent it and got an error message back).
Would you contact me at ericoassis@gmail.com , please?

(Please don't approve this comment, if possible)

Jay W at: 8:55 AM said...

Not sure about your previous comments, but to comment on the DRAW! issue, I was really impressed with Guera's interview. The lengths that man goes through to keep his artwork lively and moving is pretty outstanding. The article is a really good lesson for any artist attempting to make it in the comics field, who thinks that comics art is all about polish.

Jon Burr at: 10:30 AM said...

This is all well and good, but HOW 'BOUT THAT IRON BOWL?! I may not sleep for a week!

Anonymous at: 8:34 AM said...

Since I'm a huge fane of SCALPED, I went ahead and wrote a review for "High Lonesome" for Broken Frontier: http://www.brokenfrontier.com/lowdown/p/detail/trading-up-scalped-vol-5

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