Mike Hawthorne does SCALPED

The great Mike Hawthorne gets into the mix.



Mike Hawthorne at: 12:54 PM said...

Hey Jason!

Glad you dig it. I don't do much fan art anymore, but this couldn't be helped. :)

I confess I'm a true blue fan of the comic. Great work.


Jason Aaron at: 11:30 AM said...

Thanks, Mike. I always love to see your work.

RM Guéra at: 12:48 PM said...

Thanks + thanks some more Mike, this is really flattering...Be welcomed to whatever else impulses you on Scalped...
(sorry for being late on words, I was out for a month)

Mike Hawthorne at: 3:11 PM said...

Mr. Guéra, it was my pleasure. I love your work, and think you put all of us to shame with how easy you make it look :)


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