"Dead Mothers" and BLACK PANTHERS

SCALPED #16 is out this week, featuring the penultimate chapter of the "Dead Mothers" storyline and introducing a new character that was first mentioned way back in SCALPED #1. Also this week, you'll notice an interview with me running in the back of different Marvel comics, and in said interview I mention that I'll be doing the three part Secret Invasion tie-in arc for BLACK PANTHER. More info on that coming soon.


Anonymous at: 7:11 AM said...

Hi, sorry if im posting this in the wrong place but good work on Wolverine 63, Picked it up today and it built very well on 62 and , Im interested to see how things continue unfolding in 64.

Anonymous at: 9:37 AM said...

I don't like reading Scalped with other comic books. I usually wait a day or two and just randomly pick it up and start reading it with a clear head. This issue's new character was very intriguing and I cannot wait to see him next issue. So glad I took a chance on this book when it first came out. It's been incredibly worth it.

P.S. I might pick up Ghost Rider even though the character never did anything for me just to see how you interpret it. Wolverine's been a blast.

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