Seven page preview of SCALPED #13

Gina Bad Horse is dead. So what happens now? What happens is that the shit gets way bad for Dash, starting this issue. Don't miss the beginning of the biggest arc yet for SCALPED.


Anonymous at: 3:46 AM said...

Looks fantastic, once again!

Anonymous at: 1:12 PM said...

Holy fucking shit, this issue was AMAZING. Especially those last pages. Guera deserves an Eisner for that.

I also thought the script really upped its game too. ;-)

Jason Aaron at: 1:17 PM said...

Glad you liked it, Dan. I love those silent pages too. Originally, there was dialogue on that last splash page, just screams and wails, but the emotion was already all over the page, thanks to Guera, so we took the dialogue out.

Anonymous at: 5:04 PM said...

Another thing I liked: those pages in the opening with Red Crow. I ranted to someone recently about how there are too many one note, cartoonishly evil villains; Red Crow is how you do a three dimensional villain RIGHT.

I think the guy's scum, I think he deserves whatever's coming to him, but that doesn't mean I don't understand him or can't feel sympathy for him.

I also loved it when Dash kicked the junkie in the balls. What a marvelous prick you are, Officer Bad Horse.

Unknown at: 1:16 AM said...

I just read the first part of the "Dead Mothers" arc and I have to say that the s*** just keeps on piling up in this book and I mean that in a good way. It's depressing to see how Dash couldn't give two f**** about his mother after realizing she had been murdered. But I'm thinking this is where he'll finally start to realize what his true purpose is. Can't wait to see what's coming up next in this arc. I loved the way how from the second-to-last page in which Guera explained the whole story without any dialogue whatsoever. Hence the title "Dead Mothers." I couldn't help but noticed in the forums that you recently joined the HBO community to check out the latest (and sadly the final) season of "The Wire". Welcome to the community! You're the tenth person I know who's done that. I just finished watching the third episode. I won't ruin anything for you but the last scene of the episode was awesome!!! You can see how the s*** never changes, this is in parallel with what's going on in the Indian Reservations in South Dakota. It's also great to see characters who you thought would never see come back for an appearance. Just a small reward to those of us who have been fans of this show for six years (e.g. Bubbles sister in the first episode). If you have HBO On Demand, they tend to air an episode in advance on the following Monday after the episode airs on Sunday. So you get to be ahead of everybody else. So check it out.

Edward Kim

"You know what the trouble is Brucie? We used to make s*** in this country, build s***. Now all we do is put our hands in the next man's pocket." (Frank Sobotka)

Tony at: 2:14 AM said...

as always, when i finished reading that issue, i put it down and all i could say was "fuuuck. so good."

Anonymous at: 1:52 PM said...

Jason -

Those last few pages of #13 were just freaking heartbreaking. Someone gave me the first nine issues of Scalped, and I was hooked. This is, hands-down, one of the best comics on the market today. Well done.

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