SCALPED #12 will ship one week late

SCALPED #12 was supposed to be in stores this Wednesday, December 5, but instead it'll be next week, December 12. Sorry for the delay, but it'll be worth the wait. John Paul Leon's art looks amazing. See for yourself.


Anonymous at: 5:18 PM said...

wow, JPL, huh?

You are a super-douche and I double-hate you. I'm gonna dicktip your soda tomorrow at lunch.

Jason Aaron at: 5:24 PM said...

It just wouldn't be Wednesday without Fraction's dick in my soda.

Unknown at: 2:10 PM said...

I gotta say that Mr. Leon's artwork is top-notch as always.

No offense to Mr. Guera but if John Paul was the regular artist for "Scalped", I'd have no problem with that. But I'm assuming Guera will return & stay on the book with no interruptions. So I can't wait.

I'm also digging that Dave Johnson cover art. All this viewing is making me fiend for "100 Bullets" & "The Winter Men". But "Scalped" is also up there with both of them.

Like I said before, keep doing the good work, Mr. Aaron. Because "Scalped" is like the heroin of comic books. Actually more like Frank Lucas' "Blu Magic", pure uncut, raw & damn well addicting.

Edward Kim
(New York City)

-TiGH- at: 4:12 PM said...

J.P Leon is one of my fav. comic artists hands down. Scalped is one of my fav. comics hands down. It's quite possible this may be too much goodness for me to handle...

Anonymous at: 3:09 PM said...

A fine issue. Leon's art was fantastic, and the coloring was just right for it.

A quick word about the GR reveal... I hope you don't dwell too long on it. I'm sick to death of Johnny Blaze's origin being revised and re-revised.

David Bird at: 7:33 PM said...


Last issue was my last issue of Scalped. Or, it was supposed to be. I am trying to move to trades. I think they're a better format for a lot of reasons, but I just can't shake the habit of going in every Weds and getting my comics. So I compromise. I drop a few at a time. Switch some over to trades (including Scalped, of course) and over the next year or so I would be pretty much done. None of the ones I am holding onto are ongoing monthlies, so they'll all finish eventually and that will be that. Or, that was supposed to be that. But I saw issue 12 on the stands and for the first time broke down and picked up a monthly I was supposed to be finished. Sigh.

And on a completely different topic... I haven't read the issue yet, but I can't help but wonder, Is Gina Bad Horse is going to be the comic's Anna Mae Aquash. I suspect there isn't a yes or no answer.

-David Bird

Jason Aaron at: 5:05 PM said...

Actually no, Gina's murder is not at all inspired by the murder of Anna Mae Aquash.

David Bird at: 9:32 PM said...

Fair enough. So many things in Scalped are drawn from events at Pine Ridge at that time, I thought I'd ask.

Read and enjoyed issue #12 -- and went into my local and put Scalped back on my pull list.

Congratulations on a successful first year!

Anonymous at: 7:46 PM said...

A great crime series, arguably the best at the moment - not only for the stunning story, but for highlighting the devastating conditions Native Americans live under reservation colonialism.

Anyway, I just wanted your opinion about the recent Lakota Freedom Delegation's declaration? - because when you read their reasons why -

it's a soul-stirring argument for more support in that direction, because the other way is not working, well, it's killing them.

Jason Aaron at: 3:01 PM said...

Yeah, those stats are beyond shocking, aren't they? I'm not sure what they're going to achieve with this Freedom Declaration, but if nothing else, hopefully it brings some more attention to what is a terrible problem happening right under our noses.

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