Karen Berger interview

From Karen Berger's interview at The ComicBloc:

Question: You mentioned that you are constantly looking for new talent and new projects. One name that jumped out from nowhere this year is writer Jason Aaron who broke onto the scene with the critically-acclaimed THE OTHER SIDE, with art by Cameron Stewart. Now, I had never read anything by Jason until THE OTHER SIDE. So where did you find this guy?

Karen: Wow. Yeah, Jason is a rare, rare find. He had never written anything in comics until THE OTHER SIDE. He sent the script over to us through a couple editors and we loved it. I can’t tell you how rare that is. I think I’ve hired a writer like that only once before in all my years of comics. Jason is a very talented guy, and I’m glad we have him.

In the interview, Karen also talks about some of the upcoming Vertigo projects I'm really looking forward to, like UN-MEN, Brian Wood's NORTHLANDERS and SENTENCES: THE LIFE OF MF GRIMM.

Read the rest of the interview here.

Thanks, Karen.


Unknown at: 10:47 AM said...

Congrats on the Eisner nod man. That's frickin sweet. I sent you an email yesterday - oh, and Hayden says hello. Hope everything is going well man - later.

B. Clay Moore at: 10:32 PM said...

You never told Karen about your sordid past?

Jason Aaron at: 11:01 PM said...

Who are you, strange person, and why do you keep posting on my blog?

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