PLAYBOY February 2007

Finally, I was able to actually buy an issue of Playboy Magazine just for the articles. But only because I get a nice plug in the newest issue, which also features a nude drill instructor and Number Six from "Battlestar Galactica." In an article titled "Graphic Content: The Best of Today's Smart Comics," both THE OTHER SIDE and SCALPED are mentioned alongside Grant Morrison's SEVEN SOLDIERS and fellow Vertigo series THE EXTERMINATORS and TESTAMENT. I particularly liked this passage:

"January sees the debut of Aaron's new long-run series, SCALPED, which takes place on a present-day Indian reservation ("a third-world nation in the heart of America") replete with rough road houses and meth labs, ornery Indians and undercover FBI agents. Aaron's talent for dialogue is complemented spectacularly by R.M. Guéra's vivid pencil work."

Thanks, Hef. Now when do I get my invite to the mansion?


Unknown at: 2:18 PM said...

There's articles in Playboy? Ha. Anyway, I have a new email, after numerous technical setbacks and difficulties; I'll send it to ya in the next day or so. Congrats. My email has a more in depth take on my reading of The Other Side, but the short version is that it kicks ass; very nice, Jason. More later; hope everything is going okay. Later
- Daniel

Jason Aaron at: 5:37 PM said...

Definitely drop me an email, man. I'd love to hear your thoughts on THE OTHER SIDE.

JohnAaron at: 12:09 PM said...

Congrats Jason. I'll make sure Uncle James see the write up. Do you think he'll buy "I bought the magazine just for the articles."

Jason Aaron at: 6:33 PM said...

Probably not. But this is the one time it was actually true.

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