Post-SDCC wrap-up: X-Men

The cover for WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN also came out last week, at least in a mostly blacked-out form. I've enjoyed reading all the speculation online about who's who here. Nobody's even come close to guessing everybody. Nor can they, as a couple of these characters are brand new. I'll also add that this isn't the entire cast of the series. Not even close.

It was also revealed that Ron Garney is rejoining me on WOLVERINE for another arc, this one titled "Goodbye, Chinatown," and guest-starring Gorilla Man, Fat Cobra and some crazy Kung Fu villains, including a few holdovers from my WOLVERINE: MANIFEST DESTINY mini-series.


S.H.I.E.L.D boy at: 2:24 PM said...

Kung Fu, Fat Cobra and Garney artwork?
Cannot wait!!!

Anonymous at: 6:38 AM said...

On W & the X-men cover I think I recognized three of the silhouettes as "old school" but the others must be minor or new. Is that a insect-like leg behind what I suspect is either Rogue or Kitty is it attached to the "horned" silhouette or the "mushroom-headed" one...very weird, but intriguing. I hope I'm not disappointed with my guesses or your new title. Cheers Dude!

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