No San Diego for me

When you're a comic book creator, come time for San Diego Comic Con each year, you start getting tons of emails from people who all just assume you're going to be there.

This year I will not.

While I love the city of San Diego and while I've had some great times at the con in the past, the show is now so massive and busy and crazy that it can totally kick my ass and leave me a blubbering shell of a man by the time I make it back home. And it also eats up at least a full week of work-time, which I can't afford to do right now (though I admit that's not stopping me from attending a show in Spain in September. Aviles! Can't wait!). If you're a comic fan and you've never been to San Diego Comic Con before, I wholeheartedly encourage you to go. It is an overwhelming but exhilarating experience to suddenly find yourself part of what's basically a miniature city populated almost exclusively with people just like you.

Even though I'm not attending, I will still have a new project announced there, so be on the look-out for that, if you're the kind of person who looks out for that sort of thing. And as for what shows I will be attending this year, check the list to the right. Hope to see you at one or another.

Until then, I'll still be here, along the banks of the Big Muddy, drinking Dirty Bastards and trying to stay dry.

Founders Dirty Bastard Ale

View from the Town of Kansas Bridge of the swollen Missouri River


Russell K. at: 8:29 PM said...

How long will Marc Silvestiri be the interior artist for Incredible Hulk with you? I hate when the a book gets a new artist every other issue, which is what happend with the new Venom series.

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