Post-SDCC wrap-up: Hulk

Eventhough I didn't go to San Diego Comic Con, I've still somehow found myself floundering in its wake, struggling to get caught up on work. Guess I might as well have gone and enjoyed the weather for a bit.

And eventhough I wasn't there, I still had quite a few announcements come out of the con.

The biggest is probably that I'm the writer on a new INCREDIBLE HULK series that debuts in October. It's drawn by Marc Silvestri, first arc is titled "Hulk: Asunder" and it features a Hulk and Banner who have been split apart and set at odds. I've been wanting to tackle the Hulk for a while now, so I'm happy to finally be involved with this. Yes, along with everything else I'm doing, this means my schedule is awfully crazy right now, but that will be sorting itself out. Stay tuned.

And holy crap, I'm writing the Hulk!

Lots of interviews here and there:



max "nekron" power at: 2:19 PM said...

looking forward to this series,i think is gonna be crazy fun, congrats for the new asigment

Murdock204 at: 6:38 PM said...

I'm super excited for a new direction as a life-long Hulk reader. Congrats on the job!

If this were Christmas and i had to ask Santa what i'd want from a Hulk comic would be as follows:
- Kill off his kids.
- Either kill off Betty again or actually have her as Betty.
- Suck the A-Bomb out of Rick Jones.
- Sort out the personalities in a clear fashion, make each one have a different strength/weakness/purpose.
- And lastly, Fixit. Even though i'm sure he's on the backburner.

Just thought i'd list that stuff for the hell of it.

The trailer looks awesome! This seems to be a much needed freshening take on the character.

vollsticks at: 3:18 PM said...

That Silvestri cover is one of the ugliest things I've ever seen. Kirby must be rolling in his grave.

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