Happy Schism Day!

X-MEN SCHISM #1 is out today, and I'm told it has already sold out at the distributor level, so grab a copy from your local retailer while you can. Or you can also download it from the Marvel app.

I've been excited for a while for people to finally check this series out, and the response so far has been phenomenal. And remember, this is only the beginning. Issue #2 hits in just two weeks.

I also have WOLVERINE #12 and PUNISHERMAX #15 out today so, you know, look for those too, if you're not already sick of me.


Brame at: 8:30 PM said...

Well met, sir. That is the best X-Men story that I have read since Wheadon and Morrison's runs. You have won me back on a series I was no longer interested in. Thanks.

Dominique at: 10:57 AM said...

Wish Gambit was in it, but it really is one of the best X-men stories i've read in a while.

Anonymous at: 9:40 PM said...

Really loved the tone of the issue.
Here’s what stood out in my mind-

Logan and Scott’s friendship. Wolverine can be all kinds of torn up but will still suit up in a heartbeat if Cyclops asks him too. And you didn’t write Scott like a dick, which can be an easy cop-out for most writers. He really does appreciate that friendship and isn’t afraid to admit it.

Damien Wayne is now running the Hellfire Club. Fuck Yeah! (And I mean that in the best possible way)

Kind of concerned about Idie. Wolverine being nice to you is like Kiss of Death karma. It cuts both ways.

Anonymous at: 8:11 AM said...

Congrats on Schism! You've managed to lure a hold out from the 90's fiasco back to reading X-Men. Good work. Oh, and as for your "morning beard" pic...nice topiary...no offense dude -but- I don't envy what your wife has to wake up to every morning...cheers, oh yeah about Idie...Kitty, Jubes, Megan now her...man, Logan could start his own car wash service.

amjad at: 2:18 PM said...

I'll soon be buying The Other Side Jason.

Thank you and peace.

will at: 9:39 PM said...

haven't read x-men in a long time but this certainly won me back!!! i think it's excellent congratulations!!

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