Country Ass-Whuppin'

My contribution is titled "How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked While In Alabama," which should be rather self-explanatory.

More details here.


Anonymous at: 5:02 AM said...

Umm, how about NOT going to Ole Alabamy in the first at all? Prevention is worth a pound of cure...and hospital bills.
But that is for wussies, I suppose...welp! good luck finding all your teeth, you adventurous city-folk. Look foward to next issue of Schism, next week yeah?

Brian Cee Williams at: 7:26 AM said...

Being southern myself, I imagine I'll probably find bits of my youth in between them pages. I'll buy it, pour some tea, shack up on the porch swing with the dogs and have what I figure to be a great read.

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