Thoughts on SCALPED #9

If you've read it, please tell me what you thought. And thanks for picking it up.


Joel at: 9:10 PM said...

First up the art was of course great. I really loved the issue, and it seems to be going in the direction I'd like it to. I don't think there is a single thing I could comment negatively about the book. This book maybe creeping into my 10 favs of all time.

1031 at: 12:00 AM said...

I think my favorite part of this issue is when Catcher asks Granny for her prayers, and she says she doesn't have much medicine left in her, but when Catcher sees her animal spirit, it's this huge fuckin' bear.

Somehow, I think ol' Granny's got plenty of magic left in her tank.

Great issue. Great storyarc.

Adam at: 5:39 PM said...

I really loved this issue. Not saying much, considering I haven't not loved an issue of Scalped yet.

I think, though, that #9 is probably now my favorite issue you've written so far, with the Red Crow issue of Casino Boogie coming in at second.

All of the visions of people's animal totems added a surprisingly deep amount of foreshadowing and character development to each person.

The way you worked in the flashbacks/flashforwards to various times and moments from other issues of Casino Boogie was seamless and effective.

And the last few pages were incredibly moving, powerful, and made Catcher probably my favorite character in the series so far.

Thanks for the always awesome read, Jason.

-Adam Szymczak

Jason Aaron at: 2:14 PM said...

Thanks, guys. After seeing how great Guera drew this issue, I decided I could probably do a whole series with just Catcher and
Granny Poor Bear sitting on that porch, talking.

shambhala at: 8:41 PM said...

This was one of my favorite issues yet, and that's saying a lot. Catcher is one of the most interesting characters in a series full of interesting characters. He's easily one of the best characters in comics today. (So are Dash and Red Crow, for that matter.)

I love how this series has gone through twists and turns. At the end of the "Hoka Hey" story arc, I thought that it was implied that Catcher killed Gina -- not sure if you intended us to think that or not -- and now it's very obviously not so.

You've got an understanding of Indian spirituality that few white writers do. How fortunate that you can bring it to this amazing, complex, fascinating comic.

barbarian at: 2:20 PM said...

wow, my LCS had their SCALPED shipped late but it was worth the wait. So, is Catcher going to be a bigger part of the series as the reluctant leader and challenge red crow or is this about him mentoring Dash into becoming the next heyoka? 'cause Dash has the attitude Catcher lacks. Will we ever find out Catcher's real name, and how is he Lakota? This was undoubtedly the best issue of SCALPED's run.

PS. could you put a glossary or dictionary of Lakota so i could understand what they say? I really would like to know what Gina and Red Crow said to each other in either 4/5

jason, are you lakota or have family that is?

i was DINOSAURS at: 9:03 PM said...


I loved it.


I've recently picked p the trade and am all caught up

this is by far one of my favorite comics.

and I'm so digging the last scene.

thanks allot for this.
who are the next characters to take the spotlight in Casino Boogie?

is it the Poor Bear kid?

Jason Aaron at: 12:38 AM said...

No, I'm not Lakota. Neither is my family.

Yes, the next issue of SCALPED spotlights Dino Poor Bear. And then the last issue of the arc focuses on Gina Bad Horse. After that we'll have a special stand-alone issue before diving into the next big arc.

Anonymous at: 3:38 AM said...

Scalped is amazing!! Being a full blooded Native myself, I was very impressed about this series before it came out. I'm a struggling art student majoring in cartooning and was introduced to this series by Will Dennis (the book's editor, for those who don't know) well before the first issue came out. He actually took me to his DC office and gave me b/w copies of the first three issues (and lots of free comics, which was cool). Will was interested in my reaction to this book because I told him that I'm Native American (I'm Navajo, from New Mexico). I was first blown away by the art and then fell in love with your writing (loved The Otherside also). There is a relevance to the subject matter that really got to me. I do live on a reservation and do know the hard times that come with it. Although I've been going to school in NYC for the past 3 years, I still go back home for the summer and inevitably see the struggles of my people. I just wanted to let you know that you are doing an amazing job. I'm glad that there IS a book about modern Native American life that goes beyond stereotypes while telling a very intriguing story and highlighting social problems. After I graduate in May 08 I plan to show my portfolio around (especially to Vertigo and definitely W. Dennis) and hope to be working in the industry as a penciller. Also, I wanted to say that issue nine is my favorite so far. Catcher is a very interesting character and I just loved seeing his visions. Guera is perfect for this book and you should keep him for as long as possible. Well, I've been wanting to contact you and thank you for a very great book that has gotten me excited about the potential in comics. Thanks!!!

(If you want to see some of my work:

Sam at: 9:22 AM said...

Yet another fantastic issue dude, keep it up.

When Catcher turns and looks back at Granny Poor Bear and sees her totem...
Goosebumps, mate...

Well done.

I hope this is not the last we see of catcher, because the amount of potential that you hinted at with the character was incredible.
It was so sad to read about someone who has (figuratively and literally) pissed away his many talents.

Dammit Aaron, stop writing awesome comics... You make me sound like an ass-licker...

Jason Aaron at: 8:19 PM said...

Shamus, your art looks great. You definitely have a future in this biz. Thanks for the kind words.

Sam, we'll certainly be seeing more of Catcher. He might be my new favorite character.

Thanks, everybody.

RM Guéra at: 11:07 AM said...

first thank you for your kind words about my work, & second - I really liked your work (dunno if this sounds clear - but I was impressed by it's pressence)...
Go out & do NOT stop if your goal are drawings. Your talent is absolutely obvious...

Esco at: 11:24 AM said...

One of the best damn comics I've ever read. Awesome book.

Anansi(Kedd) at: 4:25 PM said...

Scalped continues to be one of the best and most original comic I've picked up in the past few years. Keep up the good work

Anonymous at: 10:20 PM said...

i love this book, and it get better and better with every issue. I've reviewed it a few times over at

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