My first issue of FRIDAY THE 13TH is out today

Do you like machetes or stories about people getting killed with them? If so, then have I got a book for you:

Written by Jason Aaron
Cover by Dustin Nguyen
Art by Adam Archer and Peter Guzman
Teenager Davie Falkner was born with a skull deformity that makes him the butt of nearly every joke. When his parents send him to camp, he learns that being different might just save your life at Camp Crystal Lake!


Matthew at: 4:17 PM said...
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Matthew at: 4:20 PM said...

Your a genius man; I've been telling everyone to read Scalped and your issue of Wolverine. I've been reading Friday the 13th since Wildstorm launched it, and you need to know that you did it again. You're truly amazing, and I'm at the point where I would read anything you wrote. In the years to come I'm excited to see what you'll be able to do with the icons of DC and Marvel. In the meantime, please, keep doing what you're doing.

Jason Aaron at: 8:59 AM said...

Thanks, Matthew. You won't have to wait that long to see me doing more work for Marvel and DC. My WOLVERINE arc with Ron Garney starts in February, along with another big project for Marvel. And my first work for mainstream DC should follow soon after.

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