SCALPED #12 Solicitation

A special stand-alone issue (and proverbial "great jumping on point for new readers") that wraps up the book's first year and paves the way for the craziness to come. Features guest artist John Paul Leon and guest cover artist Dave Johnson, but still the same old writer.

Written by Jason Aaron; Art by John Paul Leon; Cover by Dave Johnson

As the first year of SCALPED comes to its dramatic conclusion, we spend a night with Dash Bad Horse — the reservation's resident bad-ass — as he lays out his hopes and dreams, his fears and darkest secrets, and his plan for staying alive throughout the turmoil.

Vertigo 32pg. Color $2.99 US Mature Readers
On Sale December 5, 2007


ehc at: 9:46 AM said...

Congratulations for making the TPB Top 20 with the first "Scalped" collection. I might star buying it in singles for the second year, 'cos I loved so much your first year.

It's been a long time since I was buying everything from a new writer to see how he develops, but I'm doing that with you now. So I must thank you for your great writing.

Jason Aaron at: 4:53 PM said...

Well, thank you so much for supporting my work. I really appreciate it.

jamil at: 4:57 PM said...

i just about an hour ago finished the "Indian Country" trade which I had checked out from the library. Wow! I am definitely gonna have to run out and get whatever issues are available immediately. Really Great Work!

Oh yeah, and I love John Paul Leon so I am definitely pre-ordering this issue.

=shanewhite= at: 9:28 PM said...

Scalped is such wonderful trip. I'll miss R.A Guera for the issue, I just hope he comes back for
book 13 to infinity.

I understand everyone needs a break, but heck...his rendition pulls no punches, he knows and shows more about the rez than any artist in the states. I mean next to Denis Bodart, I can't think of anyone more suited...okay mabye Jean Giraud.:)

I'm just saying, a fill-in has got to be a lot of pressure, for anyone. I hope JPL is for it.


Jason Aaron at: 11:00 PM said...

Yes, Guera and Jock will both be back for issue #13, which is the first of a five part arc.

RM Guéra at: 9:25 AM said...

you just put me beside my two favourite living aces of this profession.
I thank you for it.
ps...and I am doing Scalped as long as Mr. Aa is writing it (so - if not infinity - we'll die trying to last one tick below).
These breaks are necessary from time to time, believe me.

Amazing Améziane at: 6:06 PM said...

john paul loean on SCALPED.

i love his art on WINTERMEN.
lucky you, Jason.

R.A. Guera does an amazing job.

Almost off the wagon at: 5:56 AM said...

Jason, you're an extraordinary writer. That said, Scalped has started to, in the last 3 or so issues, meander alarmingly. It feels almost like you're beginning to artificially extend the plot, though that may not actually be the case. And this past issue's art, I supposed I have to be the first to say I didn't like. I liked JP Leon's work on Earth X and the like, but lately, his "chunky line" style of work hasn't been doing it.

Jason Aaron at: 9:34 AM said...

The entire "Casino Boogie" arc was always more about character development than about plot advancement, and for the most part SCALPED will continue to be largely character driven. That said, the arc beginning with issue #13 dives right into the repercussions of Gina's death.

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