Kind words from Ed Brubaker

From an article on Newsarama where creators were asked, "What one comic are you reading right now that you think more people should be reading, and why?"

Ed Brubaker, writer of DAREDEVIL, CRIMINAL and CAPTAIN AMERICA, answered:
Scalped or Casanova. I can't pick just one.

And why?

Because they're both completely unique and compelling works by authors who arrived recently with their voices already in tune. Scalped is some of the most compelling character work and crime writing I've seen in a long time. And Casanova is the superspy comic done crazy. It's got so many ideas on each page that it's almost exhausting.

And both books have great artists working on them, with a strength in storytelling not just being flashy.

Thanks, Ed. And I strongly second his endorsement of CASANOVA. What an amazing book.


Tietsu at: 1:26 AM said...

My first exposure to you was your Ripclaw pilot season, which to be honest didn't impress me much.

I picked up the Wolverine one shot you did and suddenly I was intrigued.

Yesterday I picked up Scalped at my local comic shop (based on a recommendation) and I have to say I loved it.

I have yet to read casanova. Looks like I'll have to check that one out.

Jason Aaron at: 8:55 AM said...

Thanks for checking out my work. And be sure to give CASANOVA a read.

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